3 Big Things to Look for in a Criminal Law Attorney in Portland OR

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Criminal Lawyer

If someone already understands the significance behind having a stellar attorney when facing a charge, the next thing is finding the best criminal law attorney in Portland, OR, or state defense attorney to represent them. Not all lawyers or law professionals are created in the same way, and finding the right one can make a huge difference when it comes to getting the best defense. Here are three big things to look for in a criminal law attorney:

1. Responsiveness

When someone is facing a criminal charge, time is going to be very important. If time is lost, the case is going to be lost. A good criminal law attorney or state defense lawyer is going to get to working on the case right away. Look at how responsive the professional is and how good their communication style is.

2. Specialty in Criminal Law

The criminal law attorney in Portland, OR, or state defense lawyer doesn’t have to be practicing criminal law only, but it would be ideal to have one that at least specializes in that area. If there isn’t anything on their website about criminal law, it’s a big sign that they won’t be the best fit for this particular case.

3. Experience in Local Courts

Look for criminal law attorneys in Portland, OR, and state defense lawyers with a good amount of experience in the local courts. This is an often overlooked aspect of deciding on the right one, but local connections can make things much easier when someone is facing a criminal charge.

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