3 Reasons to Arrange for a Probation Violation Attorney in Philadelphia

by | May 18, 2016 | Attorneys

Going to jail is never an ideal option when being convicted of a crime. Most people would rather choose a host of other options if possible. For some, probation is a reasonable compromise. Instead of being required to go to jail, a person can be given probation for a duration decided upon by a judge or plea agreement. Sometimes, while on probation, a person will run into a problem that could put everything in jeopardy. When this happens, it is important to contact a probation violation attorney in Philadelphia as soon as possible.

Sound Legal Advice
If a probation violation occurs, what options does a person have? Does it mean an immediate move to jail? Is it possible to fight the violation and maintain probation status? Each person’s situation is different. Because of this, it is important to contact a probation violation attorney in Philadelphia to learn more. Ideally an attorney will be able to explain the situation and offer some options to the accused.

Opportunity to Defend the Situation
What if the probation violation is actually justified? What if there really wasn’t a probation violation and inaccurate information was provided? Defending a probation violation alone is difficult. It requires being able to set up time to meet with a judge. It also requires that a person have a true understanding of the law and the legal processes required to handle the situation. A lawyer gives a person the best opportunity to defend him or herself.

Avoiding Jail Time
If jail time wasn’t an ideal option when the sentencing first took place, there is a good chance it isn’t an ideal choice now either. With the help of a lawyer, the accused can work to come up with a defense or even an alternate plan that would avoid time in jail. An attorney will not only be able to provide helpful insights and help a person defend the situation; he or she can also work to come up with an ideal resolution to the situation. While hiring a lawyer doesn’t guarantee a successful outcome, it does set a person up for an ideal solution. To learn more about legal representation for probation violations, check out webiste

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