3 Things to Do When You’re Ready to Call Your Divorce Lawyers

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Lawyers

For many couples, divorce is something that they’ve been contemplating for a long time before they finally pull the trigger. This can be a relieving feeling, and it’s tempting to start celebrating your new life free of a bad relationship. For others, divorce is a surprise out of nowhere, and it can introduce depression and lots of conflicts. But before you act on whatever you are feeling, there are three things you should do right away that can make the entire process easier for everyone. Here are some tips from your trusted divorce lawyers in Deerfield.

Learn the Basics of the Process

The first thing to do is talk to your lawyer about what you need to expect and do right away. For example, in Illinois, couples must live apart for a specific length of time before they can file for a divorce. Have your lawyer recommend sources like books or websites where you can learn the ins and outs of divorce. This will help you find out what the process will be like, and that can help you manage the emotional reaction better.

Take Care of Shared Finances Right Away

One of the first things you need to do is open a financial account of your own that you do not share with your spouse, and start depositing your income there. This reduces how much of your income you’ll have to fight over later, and allows you to begin saving for the cost of a divorce. It may be a good idea to close off any shared income streams, such as a rental house in both your names, for the time being.

Monitor Yourself on Social Media

Divorce cases have become very complex these days with the introduction of social media. Now, spouses may be able to point to your selfie in a fancy restaurant as proof that you have disposable income, and use that in court to get more from you in child support or alimony. Don’t post anything negative about your spouse online, and don’t communicate with them via digital means except for very important topics like child care.

At the Michael C. Crave Divorce Lawyers Chicago office in Deerfield, we can help you determine the next course of action. Start with these three tips and contact us today to move forward with your case.

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