A Loved One’s Arrested: What Does It Take to Secure a Bail Bond in Midwest City, Oklahoma?

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Lawyers

No one wants to receive a frantic phone call from a loved one who has been just picked up and placed under arrest. When such event happens, one of the priorities is getting them one out of jail. People can do so by securing a bail bond in Midwest City, Oklahoma. While there is a specific process that must be followed, managing the task is not as hard as many people think. Here’s how it works.

Meeting with a Bonding Professional

The first step is to contact a bondsman and have a discussion about the situation. The first order of business is to provide the professional with the name of the loved one and where the person is currently being held. That’s all the information the bondsman needs to contact the authorities and find out when or if the bail will be set. With most offenses, it’s just a matter of hours until a judge reviews the particulars and sets the bail in compliance with current laws.

Preparing the Bond

Once the bail is set, the bondsman can get to work on that bail bond in Midwest City, Oklahoma. This requires preparing documents that meet the requirements of the court. It will also mean collecting a fee that is equal to some percentage of the total bail. All bonding companies accept cash and some will also accept credit cards or checks. More payment options comes in handy if the incident occurs in the middle of the night and getting the cash from a bank account is not possible.

Explaining the Obligation

When a bondsman presents the bond to the court, it will be a matter of hours until the loved one is released. Keep in mind that the bonding professional is pledging to the court that the individual will return for the trial without fail. Should the individual fail to return, the court will hold the bond professional liable for the full bail amount. That can lead to complications that make things worse for the loved one.

If a loved one is now behind bars awaiting a court date, get more information here about how to secure a bond. Doing so means the loved one can continue going to work, confer with an attorney, and be prepared to mount a defense when that date does roll around.

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