An Auto Accident Attorney in Norfolk, VA Knows the Common Factors in Vehicle Collisions

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Lawyers

An auto accident attorney in Norfolk, VA knows the most common causes of vehicle collisions and has also become familiar with more unusual cases. Some of the factors have been prevalent for many decades, while others are more recent.

Texting while driving, for instance, is one of the most recent problems, and it often results in serious accidents. Drivers try to manage a vehicle on the road while also reading or even typing out a message to somebody. In addition to texting, just talking on a cell phone can be very distracting. If someone holds the phone instead of using a sound system in the vehicle, this person now is forced to only keep one hand on the wheel. Reaction time is decreased, compromising a fast response to the maneuvers of other drivers or a deer running across the road.

Other distractions have caused problems for drivers long before cell phones arrived. People sit behind the wheel and eat sandwiches, fiddle with the radio and yell at the kids or pets in the back seat.
Another very common factor in vehicle collisions is a fatigued, drowsy or sleepy driver who makes hazardous moves because of not being alert. An auto accident attorney in Norfolk, VA is familiar with situations in which a tired driver has run through a red traffic light without even realizing it wasn’t green. These drivers are also prone to rear-ending vehicles in front of them when approaching a traffic light, especially if they see that the light is green and don’t comprehend that the traffic has not yet moved.

Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of fatalities among children and young adults, and they account for millions of serious injuries every year. Some injured persons are left with permanent disabilities or a lifetime of chronic pain. They may have significant personality changes due to a traumatic brain injury or they may face daily back pain that reduces the ability to enjoy an active life. Individuals and families who have been affected by the irresponsible, distracted or careless actions of another driver may consult a law firm such as website for a free consultation.

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