Five Questions You Need to Ask Your Accident Lawyer in Newtown, PA

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Lawyers

Accident victims who are seriously injured must sometimes hire an Accident Lawyer in Newtown PA. Facing an insurance company alone can be a daunting task and make it difficult for a victim to get a fair outcome. Thankfully, most accident lawyers offer free consultations for new clients, allowing them to come in and ask questions so they can gain a better understanding of their rights. This information will allow injured victims to be prepared to ask he right questions of their lawyer.

These five questions are crucial for asking a lawyer.

* How much is the claim worth? A lawyer should be able to calculate how much a claim is a worth based on the measurable damages and recovery time. Certain aspects, such as pain and suffering, can sometimes be more difficult to decide on. Knowing how much a claim is worth is vital for ensuring a victim does not settle for less.

* What are the legal options? Many victims make the mistake of thinking court will be their only option once they hire an Accident Lawyer in Newtown PA. Hiring a lawyer actually, gives a victim more options for settlement than they could pursue alone.

* How long will it take to settle my case? This is not always the easiest question to answer, and a lawyer may not know right away. Generally, a lawyer can give a client a timeframe of events that will occur and give them an estimate for a potential settlement based on other cases they have worked with that are similar.

* How much will the victim be charged? This is an important topic of discussion before a victim hires a lawyer. Most lawyers work on contingency, which means the client does not pay unless they win. Lawyers can also be hired by the hour.

* What can a victim sue for? The lawyer should be able to review a client’s measurable losses and help them determine what solutions they can pursue. In some cases, victims may receive punitive damages for their injuries, especially in the case of drunk driving accidents.

If you are in need of help with your car accident claim, an Accident Lawyer in Newtown PA can help. For further information, visit Website Domain. They will be glad to meet with you.

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