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by | Aug 16, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer

When an automobile driver receives the first speeding ticket and appears in court on the proper court date, a judge will most likely allow the offender to attend traffic school and pay a fine. In an instance such as that, the driving record may not be affected; keeping the insurance rates the same for the driver. However, there are several instances where hiring an attorney may be necessary to preserve a driver’s insurance coverage, ability to retain a driver’s license, and even prevent jail time.

In situations where excessive speeding, numerous prior moving violations, or a criminal moving violation such as a DUI are involved, hiring a traffic attorney in Warrenton VA is a good investment. A traffic attorney who represents a driver can work within the system and with the courts to possibly lessen the charges or have them dropped altogether. Drivers should understand that their insurance premiums are often directly related to a driving record. If the driver is slapped with points on the driving record, the insurance premiums could rise astronomically. Having a lawyer fight for the driver can be the difference between higher premiums and no change at all.

Gayheart And Willis are on call for those accused drivers that need representation in the courtroom after receiving a moving violation. If a DUI is the charge, a traffic attorney can help the accused understand the charges and also do some investigating into the procedures that were carried out before, during, and after the arrest. If the arresting officers made any mistakes in procedure, then the charges could be dropped completely. If there were no procedural mishaps, the attorney can then bargain and try to have the charges reduced for a lesser punishment.

Should a prospective client have a habit of breaking the traffic rules a Traffic Attorney in Warrenton VA will work hard to present the driver in the best light possible. The courts are not forgiving in many instances to those who continually break the law. An attorney will discuss the various options available to the client which would be the most achievable in court. These options may include an attempt to bargain for fines and community service in lieu of jail time.

The attorneys at Gayheart and Willis offer each client personalized attention and aggressive representation. They will formulate possible solutions to legally aid each client for the most desirable outcome.

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