Hiring Car Accident Attorneys in Honolulu

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Accident Lawyers

Hawaiian drivers are involved in nearly 10,000 severe accidents every year. In many cases, they can work with insurance companies on their own to resolve the situations. However, car accident attorneys in Honolulu can sometimes assist their clients in obtaining fair compensation for their injuries. Knowing when to hire an attorney is critical after a severe automobile accident.

Going It Alone

Individuals may be tempted to avoid legal representation and resolve their claims independently. For those involved in minor collisions, such as fender benders, this may work out just fine. However, if there are serious injuries, substantial damages, or insurance companies are not cooperating, then it may be time to consult an experienced attorney.

Seek Recommendations

With so many accidents in Hawaii each year, chances are everyone knows several other drivers who have been involved in an accident previously. Ask them about their experiences. Did they use a lawyer? If so, were they satisfied with their representation? Talk to attorneys in other disciplines to see if they could recommend an experienced car accident attorney.

Initial Consultation

Reputable attorneys will generally offer a free consultation either in person or over the phone. Use this opportunity to discuss the case and consider potential courses of action. Gauge how comfortable the attorney makes you feel. Legal matters can take months or even years, so it is critical that the client feels comfortable with their attorney.

Paying for Legal Services

Car accident attorneys generally work on a contingency basis, which means they will receive a percentage of whatever compensation their client receives. However, since attorneys are skilled negotiators and understand the intricacies of the legal environment, they can frequently obtain higher compensation for their clients than the client would have otherwise obtained had they sought a settlement without representation.

In Closing

After a serious accident, an injured person has enough to worry about with their recovery. They don’t need to add legal woes to their struggles. Hiring an attorney can help take the burden off the injured party and can ensure they have someone fighting for their rights to receive fair compensation. Visit Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com to talk to car accident attorneys in Honolulu.

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