How to Get Out of Jail with the Help of a Bondsman in Watauga

by | May 9, 2019 | thelegalopedia

In Texas, criminal defendants must post a bond to get out of the county jail. The bail bonds are a helpful way to get out of jail without paying the full bail. The bonding agents meet with the defendants at the jail in some cases. Reviewing ways to get out of jail shows defendants what they can expect when approaching a bondsman in Watauga.

What Type of Bond Is Needed?

The criminal charges the defendant has been accused of committing define what type of bond is required. For instance, if the defendant faces a federal charge, they must purchase a federal bond. If the defendant is an illegal immigrant, they must purchase an immigration-related bond.

Will the Defendant Be Released in the Bonding Agent’s Custody?

Defendants are released into the custody of their bonding agent under certain circumstances. The circumstances are that they don’t have transportation, are not a potential flight risk, or the defendant has a more extensive criminal history but didn’t commit a dangerous crime.

How Much Is the Defendant Required to Pay?

The defendant pays their full bail if they choose a cash bond, but the full amount is refunded if they appear in court. If they choose a surety bond, the defendant pays a fee for the bond. The fees range between ten and fourteen percent of the bail. The defendant provides a payment or collateral to secure the bond. Cash, check, and credit card payments are accepted. Collateral includes real estate, automobiles, and certain bank accounts.

What Is a Flight Risk?

A flight risk indicates that there is a higher probability the defendant will leave town or the state to avoid prosecution. A flight risk is more likely if the defendant is facing life in prison or the death penalty. Any defendant who has skipped town previously won’t receive a bail assignment.

In Texas, criminal defendants can hire a bonding agent to get out of jail. The process involves paying the agent a fee or the full bail. Once the bonding agent is paid, the bond and all documents are presented to the county jail. Criminal defendants can hire a bondsman in Watauga whose business is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for more info now.

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