How To Purchase A Bond Through A Female Bail Bondsman In Winter Haven

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Bail Bonds

In Florida, criminal defendants attend an arraignment and determine if they are approved for bail. Once bail is set, the defendant pays their bail or purchases a bail bond. Bail bonds aren’t as costly as paying the full bail amount. A Female Bail Bondsman in Winter Haven explains how to purchase a bond and get out of jail.

Locate the Criminal Defendant

The defendant’s representative must locate the defendant and collect their booking number from either the county jail or the criminal court clerk. Bail bonding agents need the defendant’s full name, date of birth, and the details of their arrest.

Provide Payment for the Bond

Payments for the bail bond include cash, check, or credit card payments. The price of the bail bond is a percentage of the bail bond that won’t exceed fourteen percent. All payments are required before the bond is issued, and the defendant is released from the county jail.

The Terms of the Defendant’s Release

The terms of the defendant’s release begin with prohibition of alcohol consumption and the use of any controlled substances. Defendants are allowed to go anywhere near any victim connected to their criminal charges. Any new charges lead to the revocation of the bail bond and a new arrest. Some jurisdictions won’t approve the defendant for bail if the bond is revoked.

What Happens if the Defendant isn’t in Court?

Any criminal defendant who doesn’t appear in court as expected is subject to arrest. Judges issue bench warrants for any defendant who doesn’t appear in court. Officers don’t need probable cause for the arrest. Any law enforcement officer who sees the defendant has the legal right to arrest the defendant. If the defendant cannot be located, a bounty hunter is hired to locate and return the defendant to jail.

In Florida, criminal defendants purchase a bail bond to get out of jail when they cannot pay the full bail amount. The bonds are a more affordable solution for most defendants, and collateral is accepted when the defendant doesn’t have the cash for their bond. Criminal defendants who need to purchase a bond from a Female Bail Bondsman in Winter Haven Contact Zona Long Bails Bonds Bartow right now.

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