How Urbana Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help Workers

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Legal Services

Workers compensation is a type of insurance where the insurance company pays cash compensation and medical care for workers who suffered an injury or became permanently ill as a result of their job. Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies are often slow to pay and will often attempt to pay the bare minimum if a workplace injury does occur. Urbana Workers Compensation Lawyers are pioneers in workers compensation cases and can help workers receive their benefits as early as possible.

Steps to be Taken after You Suffer an Accident

If you have meet with an accident at the work place, then immediately seek medical attention. After that, you need to inform your employer about the accident. Make sure that you inform your employer within 45 days of having the accident. If it goes beyond 45 days, then there are chances that you may forfeit your right to compensation. After informing your employer, you should file a claim with the help of an attorney such as the experts at Woodruff, Johnson & Palermo.

Benefits of Workers Compensation

Workers compensation pays the worker cash benefits. Money for medical expenses is paid by the employer. If it is a temporary disability, then the employer is responsible to pay the worker two thirds of his average weekly wages. If the injury suffered results in permanent disability, then the employer is required to pay permanent disability payment. In case the injury suffered results in the death of the worker, then the employer has to pay the family 66.66 percent of the worker’s weekly wages. They are paid for a period of 25 years.

When to hire Urbana Workers Compensation Lawyers

Hiring Urbana workers compensation lawyers becomes absolutely necessary in the following cases:

If your injury is severe or if the injury resulted in permanent disability.
If your employer is not ready to pay you the benefits or if there is any delay in getting the benefits.
If the settlement offers given by the employer is less and does not cover the cost of medical bills or the cost of your monthly wages.
If your medical problems prevent you from continuing your job or doing any job at all.

Why Urbana Workers Compensation Lawyers?

The Urbana workers compensation lawyers at Woodruff, Johnson & Palermo have more than 70 years of combined experience in handling personal injury and workers compensation cases. Our track record is excellent and we are committed to our clients. We always make sure that our clients receive maximum compensation from the insurance company. For any issues relating to workers compensation please get in touch with us today. We help you with filing the claim, negotiating with the insurance company and if needed, taking your case to court.

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