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by | Jul 18, 2023 | Attorneys

Owning a commercial property, whether it’s for business or residential services can be extremely profitable. However, it isn’t without its fair share of headaches. Dealing with tenants can be stressful in some situations. In these situations, it’s always important that a landlord makes sure that they follow the legal requirements that exist. Not following these state-mandated rules and regulations can get a landlord into a good deal of trouble, even if they are acting in a reasonable manner.

When people think about landlord tenant attorneys in Irvine, CA, many think about the legal representation a landlord will need if a tenant needs to be evicted. However, that is only one aspect of what these attorneys do. It’s important that when a potential tenant is looking to lease space from a landlord, whether it’s an office space or an apartment home, that a proper lease is drawn up. In these instances, an attorney can be extremely helpful. The attorney can draw up a lease that meets all the requirements set forth by the state of California. This means that every aspect of the lease will be exactly as it is legally mandated by the California government, ensuring that the tenant’s rights are protected as well as the landlord’s legal liabilities are covered.

There are situations when people will need to be evicted. In these situations, landlord tenant attorneys in Irvine, CA can initiate the eviction process through the proper legal means and channels. The last thing a landlord wants to do is evict somebody without following the processes that are put in place for this preemptive action. This can expose a landlord to potential legal issues that are expensive and unnecessary when having the services of a landlord/tenant attorney.

If you’re already an investor in commercial or residential properties and you are actively searching for new tenants, the legal services of The Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali can be very helpful. They can help you to draw up leases in a legal manner, handle any eviction issues you may have to deal with, and they can do all of this by making sure that your actions as a landlord are well within legal allowances.

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