What Do Property Division Lawyers in Katy, TX Do?

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

It’s an unfortunate fact that there is almost no such thing as an easy divorce. Both parties are typically under a lot of stress, and most people don’t want to make concessions to a partner they no longer wish to share their lives with. The entire process can be very complicated, particularly for couples that have been married for a long time and have shared many or all of their assets. For those going through a difficult divorce, this is where property division lawyers in Katy, TX come in.

A property division lawyer ensures that their client receives a fair share of the community property that was amassed over the course of the marriage. This can include anything from monetary assets, properties such as homes, cars, boats, or other physical possessions and debts. Texas is one of the several states that distribute community property equally between both parties involved in the divorce. Property owned by only one party is kept by the original owner.

This system, while ostensibly simpler than equitable distribution, can lead to complications when it comes to issues of home ownership or property that has been purchased using commingled funds. This includes businesses that were owned by one person before the marriage but have been contributed to monetarily by both spouses. When children are involved, the person who takes the most responsibility for child-rearing duties will usually end up keeping a home that is designated as community property. In divorce proceedings in which children are not involved, deciding who gets the house can be significantly more complicated.

In a perfect world, all of this could be settled between the involved parties. But, in reality, the process of deciding who gets to keep the house, cars, business, or other assets is rarely amicable. Spouses who choose to hire property division lawyers in Katy, TX are more likely to get the divorce settlement they deserve. The complexity of the laws pertaining to property division makes it important to have a knowledgeable attorney before going to court who can help explain the laws and put together a compelling case. Contact us for more information about this and other aspects of divorce proceedings.

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