A Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS Can Help Those Accused of Property Crimes

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Many attorneys field questions on property crimes and associated defenses. Typically, a property crime is any offense involving the destruction or theft of property belonging to someone else. These are usually misdemeanor offenses that can result in jail sentences and fines. However, destruction or taking of valuable property can bring felony charges. In this guide, readers will learn some common examples of property crimes, and they will also learn which defenses can be used. Finally, the client will learn how a defense attorney in Hattiesburg MS can help them win their case.

Property Crime Examples

In most cases, property crimes are theft-related, but they can include other offenses like vandalism, property damage, burglary, breaking and entering, trespassing, and defacement of property. A property crime can occur along with other offenses. For instance, many battery cases involve property damaged during a fight. Those facing charges of destruction or theft of another person’s property should hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Defenses to Property Crimes
A property crime defense can be available depending on the case and its circumstances. Some of the most common defenses include:

 *    Necessity. It may be arguable that the destruction was necessary and in an emergency situation.

 *    Coercion. Some may claim that they were forced to damage or steal property under the threat of injury or harm.

 *    Mistake. The person must have acted with criminal intent. If one takes an item inadvertently, they can claim the mistake defense.

Not all defenses are available in all property crime cases. See a property crime lawyer for case-specific advice and to learn how one may be able to reduce or eliminate criminal charges.

Should a Defendant Hire a Lawyer for Help With a Property Crime Defense?

A property crime defense requires an in-depth knowledge of state criminal statutes, and a defendant should check out Tmichaelreed.com if they are facing property crime charges. A defense attorney can represent a defendant in court, and they can provide guidance throughout the long legal process. Furthermore, a defense attorney in Hattiesburg MS can help a client determine which defenses, if any, are applicable to a particular situation.

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