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by | Aug 31, 2023 | Attorney

It’s no secret that walking through legal matters alone can be frustrating and overwhelming, even when you know you aren’t guilty. In any crime, you can trust a criminal defence counsel to guide you through the process, including investigations and court proceedings.

Here are services you can acquire from a criminal defence counsel in Singapore.

  1. Appeals

Many convicts often get dissatisfied with the court’s final verdict, where the majority seek an appeal from the court of appeal. A criminal defence counsel will help you challenge the court’s decision by moving to a court of appeal on your behalf and with a more robust defence.

  1. Legal Advice

Often, the accused doesn’t have much knowledge regarding legal matters because they haven’t specialized or interested in the field. Therefore, criminal defence counsel educates and offers advice to their clients regarding their rights, what to expect, and how to react to different practices.

  1. Case Investigation

A criminal defence counsel never misses in action during a case investigation concerning their clients. They gather evidence, examine their client’s cases, and interrogate witnesses to ensure they don’t miss a thing. They then use this information to protect and defend their clients until the last lap.

  1. Court Representation

There’s not a court proceeding you will appear by yourself because the criminal defence counsels will always be by your side. They will confidently represent you during every court proceeding, from appeals to trials and hearings.

  1. Preparation of Legal Paperwork

Preparing legal paperwork can be tricky, especially when you have little or no knowledge regarding legal matters. Luckily, a criminal defence lawyer can gather and organize all the necessary documents on your behalf and present them before the court whenever required.

  1. Negotiating Pleas

The defendant may not have the appropriate skills and knowledge to negotiate a plea alone. A criminal defence counsel takes up the job, dealing with the judges/prosecutors for lesser sentencing or charges through plea negotiations.

Don’t Navigate Through Legal Issues Alone

We understand that it’s never easy, but you can be guaranteed a smoother journey by engaging a criminal defence counsel in Singapore. We provide a more personalized approach to every case with the highest professionalism and protection. You can book a consultation anytime, and we will get you sorted.

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