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by | May 9, 2018 | Lawyers

No one wants to think that another person or company is responsible for injuries from an accident or mishap. Unfortunately, many individuals and organizations do cause a surprising number of accidents and injuries each year. It is only fair that those who are responsible because of carelessness or neglect should be held accountable for resulting losses like the following to the victim.

Medical Expenses

A Waukegan personal injury lawyer will advise you to keep track of all medical expenses associated with an injury for whom others may be responsible. Bills from the Emergency Room, doctor visits, tests, treatments, physical therapy, and medication are some of the common medical costs of an injury being evaluated, diagnosed, and treated. The party that caused these problems is legally responsible for them by either paying the providers directly or by reimbursing the victim.

Lost Wages

A serious injury can keep someone away from work for a long time, in some cases resulting in lost or reduced wages. Doctor visits, treatments, and related appointments that result in lost income are also included in a claim to be presented to the responsible party.

Diminished Quality of Life

An injury that affects everyday life, such as the ability to exercise, or that impacts emotions and mental health may also be part of a claim for legal compensation. For example, someone who becomes depressed or anxious following the accident may be able to link mood changes to the injury. A Waukegan personal injury lawyer can evaluate these concerns and determine whether professional evaluation is needed to see if they can legally become part of the claim for compensation.

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