How a Dog Bite Case Is Handled by a Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

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In Nevada, pet owners are required by city ordinances and local laws to maintain control of their pet. The regulations and laws are in place to lower the potential for dog attacks. They present options for keeping dogs inside the owner’s yard and prevent them from roaming around the neighborhood. If they fail, the owner is liable for the victim’s injuries. A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV presents legal avenues for the victims of these events.

The Dog Attack Report

The dog attack report must present information about the attack itself. The victim must identify the dog and its location and, if possible, they must provide an address for the pet owner. Information of the dog’s breed must be provided to the animal control officer whenever possible. However, a complete description of the dog is helpful. The report is submitted by the victim or their doctor.

Securing Vaccination Records

The first task for the animal control officer is to determine if the dog was vaccinated. By law, all dogs are required to be vaccinated for the rabies virus. Failure to comply with the laws results in a fine. Regardless of whether the dog remains inside, the owner must acquire the vaccinations.

When Are Quarantines Required?

Quarantines are required when the pet owner failed to get the animal vaccinated. The animal must be surrendered to a licensed vet, and the quarantine period lasts up to twelve days. The pet owner must pay the full cost of the boarding services and examination. They are also charged with the fine for failing to get the vaccinations in the first place plus the full cost of the vaccinations administered. The vet reports back to the animal control officer and determines if the dog is a risk to the public.

In Nevada, pet owners must comply with dog-related ordinances and laws. The regulations are enforced to prevent personal injuries and the spread of the rabies virus. Pet owners who fail to fulfill their responsibilities will face liabilities for their dog’s actions. Victims of dog attacks can contact a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV through Hay Law or click here for further information.

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