Slip And Fall Lawyers in Upper Marlboro MD Help Clients Who Fell on Wet Floors

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Lawyers

A commercial establishment that welcomes customers to the property has a legal responsibility to keep those premises safe for its visitors. That includes making sure floors aren’t wet and slippery, or at an absolute minimum, making sure visitors are warned when they approach an area of the floor that could be slick. A yellow caution sign placed before the wet area is enough to deter most people from entering. Slip and fall lawyers in Upper Marlboro MD represent clients who were surprised by a wet floor in a store or other commercial building, and found themselves taking a tumble and being injured.

If a customer falls on a slick floor, this person may be justified in filing an injury claim against the business. Three factors can cause problems with a potential claim. One is if store staff had put a caution sign up and the customer ignored it. The other is if none of the staff members could have been expected to know about the wet floor. Consider what happens if another customer spills a bottle of water but doesn’t tell anybody, then quickly exits. Another customer may easily slip in that puddle of water that nobody knew about. A third circumstance would involve a customer who wasn’t paying attention to the situation. Witnesses may say this person should have noticed the water on the floor, but instead, the customer was looking at his or her phone while striding through the aisle.

Slip and fall lawyers in Upper Marlboro MD can sort through the details of the episode as presented by the potential client and as disputed by the business. A firm such as Business Name offers free consultations, during which injured persons can learn whether or not they have a good case. They should be ready to describe exactly what happened and also to explain why they believe the business is wrong about not being responsible for the incident. With this expert opinion, the individual can make an informed choice about how to proceed. Check out website domain to find out about scheduling an initial appointment.

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