Using a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Pennsylvania

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Lawyers

When someone becomes injured on the job and, consequently, has to take a temporary leave, they may decide to file for workers’ compensation so they can receive payments during this time. Hiring a workers’ comp lawyer in Pennsylvania will be necessary if benefits are denied. They would be able to help the person with an appeal process, making it more likely that benefits are obtained as a result.

Worker’s compensation forms can be obtained through the employer of the person who became injured. They can also be found online and can be printed and mailed for evaluation. It is best to inform the employer so they are aware they will need to file their own paperwork regarding the injury in the future.

When filing for a workers’ compensation appeal, it is important to read all paperwork thoroughly as there is usually a time limit in place. If the paperwork is not filed in time, it will be denied. All medical documentation should be retained pertaining to the injury the person acquired. This will need to be looked at in detail to determine if the person does indeed qualify for benefits. This is done in a court room scenario with a representative from the workers’ compensation board and a judge. It will be necessary to have an attorney present to have a better chance in receiving a favorable outcome.

A workers’ compensation attorney would work closely with the injured party to prove they were indeed injured due to the fault of their employer. It will be helpful to have photographic or video evidence of the site of the injury. Procedures used in the workplace will be assessed to determine if other people within the company are at risk, and so that appropriate measures can be recommended to the employer as a result. A court session would be held to decide whether the person will be awarded benefits after these factors are considered.

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