What a Lawyer Will Tell You About Qualifying for SSI Benefits

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Lawyers

Most people hope to remain healthy enough to work until they reach full retirement age. When illness or injury make that impossible, it makes sense to seek SSI benefits. Your best bet is to seek help from an Aurora disability lawyer to determine if you qualify. Here are some of the areas that the lawyer will address closely.

Limits on Total Countable Assets

Countable assets are basically anything that can be converted to cash or assets that are already liquid capital. This would include assets like the money in your bank accounts, any retirement accounts that you can begin to draw on now, and even the cash value of your whole life insurance policy. Exempt assets would include the home you live in and one vehicle. Your Aurora disability lawyer can go through your assets and help you understand what’s exempt and what’s considered countable.

Your Current Income Level

Do you have any money coming in from any source? If so, it will be taken into consideration. When you no longer have an income stream and there’s no money coming in from investments and other sources, you do have a good chance of being approved.

Determining If You Can Seek SSDI Benefits Too

If you were actively employed during the past decade, your Aurora disability lawyer will likely recommend that you apply for SSDI as well. This program is designed specifically for people who worked in the ten years prior to whatever led to the disability and is actually more of an insurance benefit. You may find that you qualify for both SSI and SSDI benefits.

Do you think that you might qualify for SSI benefits? The best way to find out is to work with the team at Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. beginning with a full evaluation of your case. You can visit https://www.rabinsslaw.com/ to arrange the evaluation and obtain help with the application process. Rest assured the team will work hard to ensure you receive any benefits that you deserve.

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