Don’t Let A Loved One Remain In Jail When A Bail Bondsmen In Orange CT Can Help

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Bail Bonds

Letting a loved one remain in jail is never an option for many families. With the help of a bail bondsmen in Orange CT, an individual can be freed from jail in a short amount of time. A judge will set bond shortly after an individual is arrested and a family member or friend should provide a bail bondsman with all of the information about the type of bond and the amount. A reputable bail bondsman will work with an individual to arrange a payment plan in the event they do not have the money they need.

For many individuals hiring bail bondsmen could make them feel embarrassed about being seen in this type of business. A bail bondsman will travel to an individual’s home if they are unable to go to the bond office. A bail bondsman is state-licensed and their requirements are flexible and affordable.

When Is A Bail Bondsman Available?

A bail bonds service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The bond company will also have all of the forms available when an individual calls ahead. The forms will be in a sealed envelope and will be handed to an individual discreetly.

Other Services

A bail bondsmen in Orange CT provides a variety of other services including free bail consultations and bail advice. Fast service for large and small bonds is always available. They can pay bail by phone or fax, and are fugitive recovery specialists. They can perform process service, licensed private investigations, and skip-tracing and cell phone pings.

Types Of Bond

There are several types of bonds for criminal charges. Recognizance release is when an individual is released on his or her recognizance. Cash bail is when an individual must pay cash to get out of jail. A surety bond is between three people. A property bond is when an individual must use the property to secure their release from prison.

Whatever type of bond an individual is required to pay to be released from jail should be discussed with a bail bondsman as soon as possible. For more information about freeing your friend or family member from jail, please feel free to click here.

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