Reasons Why Victims Need an Auto Accident Lawyer in Lacey, WA

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Auto Accident Lawyer

An auto accident caused by the negligence of another can leave the victim in a difficult position. It is important for the victim to be aware of their legal rights and get fair compensation for any injuries and damages. Discover the reasons why victims need an auto accident lawyer in Lacey, WA.

Protect Your Rights

After the accident, there will be claim forms, questions, and other statements requested from the victim. It is imperative to consult with an experienced auto accident lawyer in Lacey, WA right away. Victims should not make any statements before consulting with an attorney to protect their legal rights. Often injured people inadvertently say the wrong thing after an accident, which can minimize or eliminate their recovery. Injured parties should not talk to anyone other than their lawyer and doctor about the accident and never sign any statements without having them reviewed by an attorney.

Get the Facts

It is helpful to start a journal after the accident and share it with the attorneys. The journal should outline how, where, and when the accident happened. There should also be a log of medical appointments, injuries, and any symptoms the victim has. It is helpful to gather videos and photos related to the accident and get witness statements. The attorneys will examine the facts and gather additional information that can help to support your claims.

Get Professional Advice

Hiring an attorney ensures the victim has a voice and negotiating power. An attorney will let the injured party know when to make statements and what situations to avoid. Sometimes the attorney will refer the victim to a medical specialist who can further identify the injuries. Other experts might also be used to establish fault and show the extent of the damages. Often the matter does not have to go to court. The attorneys will try to negotiate a fair settlement and let the client know if it is necessary to file a suit.

Contact the professionals at Putnam Lieb Potvin, Attorneys at Law, today to find out more about getting legal representation so you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery after the auto accident.

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