Reliable Representation After Truck Accidents in Towson, MD

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Legal Services

Personal injury attorneys represent people harmed in a number of different ways. There are slip and fall accidents, dog bites and medical malpractice, among many other types of incidents. For most injured people any reputable personal injury attorney is acceptable, but with truck accidents it is a good idea to seek out a law firm with experience in this specific type of incident. Truck accidents in Towson, MD are different than most vehicle accidents for several reasons.

One consideration is the severity of the incident. Large trucks often cause extreme damage and injury, and they are frequently involved in fatal accidents. The extent of the damage is typically quite excessive following this type of event. Another concern with truck accidents are the additional laws that trucking companies must follow. Lawyers that have experience in this type of accident investigation understand the local laws and make certain the driver and the company were following all of them properly. They carefully research police reports and engage in their own fact-finding if the reports do not supply adequate information. Trucking companies often have their own law firms representing them that are very skilled at preventing their clients from paying out more than necessary. It is vital that the victim of these companies have someone looking out for their own interests as well.

Truck accidents in Towson, MD are often caused by drivers that are impaired by drugs, alcohol or lack of sleep. Lack of proper maintenance of the trucks is frequently to blame. Overloading the truck, operating on roadways not designated for large trucks, and drivers that do not have the amount of training necessary to keep them safe on the road are also issues that are commonly seen. The average tractor trailer weighs approximately 80,000 pounds. It is very unlikely that a truck this large will cause a passenger vehicle only minimal damage. Getting a fair settlement is important, but it is just as important to draw attention to drivers and trucking companies that are not following the rules. Visit to learn more about the rights every person has when their lives are interrupted by a truck accident. Contact them to arrange a consultation to discuss any personal injury case.

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