Splitting Up: Getting Help from a Property Division Law Attorney in Stroudsburg, PA

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

The marriage didn’t work out, and that means coming up with a division of assets that is fair to both parties. In order to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible, it pays to hire a property division law attorney in Stroudsburg, PA. Here is what the lawyer can do on behalf of the client.

Explaining How Property Is Divided in a Divorce Settlement

There are laws in place that govern the process of deciding who gets how much of the property owned by the couple. Explaining those laws, including any exemptions that may apply in a particular case, is something that the client will find invaluable. Since the property division law attorney in Stroudsburg, PA has to access to all sorts of past rulings and decisions that have some relevance to the client’s situation, it will be easy to utilize that historical data to negotiate a reasonable settlement that the court is likely to approve. Thanks to the information that the attorney can access with ease, the process of designing the settlement will be a lot easier.

Working with Counsel for the Other Spouse

In any type of divorce action, it makes sense for each spouse to engage legal counsel. When it comes to the division of property, they will probably have to negotiate. The process can involve a lot of give and take, especially when there is some type of tangible asset that both parties would like to retain. The right attorney will be able to keep the negotiations on track and help the client to see how giving a little here makes it possible to get a little in some other area of the property settlement. In the end, the support of the attorneys can prevent the situation from becoming too complicated and heated.

When a divorce is pending, and all the details need to be worked out, arrange to consult with the team at Thomas Conrad & Conrad as soon as possible. With their help, the potential of reaching a reasonable property settlement is much higher, and the former spouses will have what they need to move on.

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