Tips for Handling Serious Car Accidents

by | Mar 1, 2016 | thelegalopedia

Car Accidents can happen to anyone. When a person is seriously injured in a car accident that wasn’t their fault, they can have a huge number of medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses relating to the accident. Laws are in place to help a person in this situation obtain compensation for their injuries, but a person needs to understand what should be done after the car accident to help them obtain the compensation allowed by these laws.

Seek Medical Help Immediately

After a car accident, it’s important for a person to seek medical help even if they don’t feel hurt at the moment. Adrenaline can mask the pain of an injury and might not wear off for a few days to a week. If the person waits to seek medical attention, not only can the injuries become worse, but the person might not be able to prove that the injuries are accident related. This could mean the person is unable to collect a settlement to cover their medical bills. With serious injuries, this could be a significant amount of money the injured person will need to pay on their own instead of having it covered by the at-fault driver or their insurance company.

Contact a Lawyer for Assistance

As soon as the person is able, a lawyer should be contacted. The injured person will want to contact a lawyer before accepting any settlement from the insurance company. If the person accepts any settlement, even if they didn’t realize it was not enough to cover the accident-related expenses, there isn’t much a lawyer can do to help. If the injured person contacts a lawyer quickly, however, the lawyer is going to be able to help them ensure any settlement accepted is going to be adequate to cover all accident-related expenses.

Following this advice, victims of Car Accidents can get the compensation needed to help them fully recover financially from the accident. It’s important to follow both of these steps after a serious car accident as not seeking medical help or contacting a lawyer could mean the person doesn’t receive a full settlement. For more information, contact The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel.

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