When Should You Contact Personal Injury Law Firms

by | May 31, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer

Do you know when you should contact a lawyer after an accident? If you’ve been seriously injured in any type of accident that was not your fault, you need to contact Personal Injury Law Firms. A minor injury can usually be settled alone with an insurance company. If you’re offered a settlement for a minor injury, it should still be reviewed by a personal injury lawyer before submitting it to the insurance company. Serious injuries require the experience and knowledge of a law firm that can immediately begin protecting someone’s rights.

Critical evidence from an accident can be altered or changed without a victim being aware of it. It’s important that an injured individual focus on healing from their injuries and let an attorney answer all of the telephone calls and questions that an insurance company will have. Serious injuries can include the loss of a limb, brain damage, nerve damage, a broken bone, scarring or the loss of someone’s life. Serious injuries can create an extreme financial hardship on someone when they’re unable to work or have to pay all of the mounting medical bills from the accident. Personal Injury Law Firms fight for their client and will only collect a fee if they obtain money for the injured party.

An individual could receive compensation for loss of wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and many other things. An individual who lost their life as a result of their injuries can also be handled through a personal injury lawyer. Although the individual is unable to speak, a family representative, executor, parent, spouse or child may file a lawsuit on their behalf. If the individual that passed away financially supported children or other family members, this would be taken into account during the settlement process. It will also be taken into account if the individual must have medical care or treatment for the rest of their life for their injury.

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