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by | Aug 29, 2016 | Lawyers

There’s nothing worse than trying to face a difficult situation without the right help. When facing criminal charges, one of the worst things to do is go without proper representation. Criminal charges can completely interrupt a person’s life and result in consequences beyond what is deserved. Many defendants swear innocence but end up going to jail regardless. In any situation that could result in jail time or considerable fines, it’s important to seek the help of criminal law firms in Cincinnati, OH. Defendants stand very little chance of getting a fair sentence without proper representation. If criminal charges have been filed, the defendant’s first action should be to contact an attorney and start building a defense.

There are only a few way to build a defense against a criminal case. The burden of evidence lies on the prosecuting attorney, but the defendant needs to be able to provide reasonable doubt that they are guilty. If the defendant is guilty they will need to seek lenience from the court, or plea bargain for a lower charge. If the defendant seeks mercy from the court, they are asking for a minimal sentence for the charges they are facing. This could be a good strategy for first time offender, but not for repeat offenders. Seeking a plea bargain is quite different. The defendant agrees to plea guilty to a lesser charge, but they could be facing the maximum sentence.

With the help of criminal law firms in Cincinnati, OH, defendants have more options. Self-represented defendants won’t have the tools needed to get the best results, which could wind up being much more expensive than the cost of hiring an attorney. If the defendant ends up in jail they could lose their job, ruin relationships, and even lose their home. The only real option is to contact a lawyer by phone or by visiting a site, such as website, for more information or to schedule a consultation. It pays to have the right help especially in tight situations such as a criminal case.

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