Making Sense of Probate Law in Angola, Indiana

by | Dec 26, 2016 | Attorneys

Losing a loved one is difficult enough on its own. The grief that many people experience can be challenging to deal with. Unfortunately, there is also a number of difficult legal challenges a person’s estate will have to go through after they pass away. Unless a person has been able to create a trust, their estate will normally have to go through a legally-mandated probate process. This process is where an estate receives its final value and any debt or taxes that the person owes will have to be settled. Once that is done, the last will and testament can be carried out.

The problem with these sorts of legal processes is that they can be extremely difficult to navigate without the help of an attorney. That’s why many people enlist the services of attorneys that handle probate law in Angola, Indiana. In many instances, if the estate has been planned properly, legal representation will already have been secured. In this event, once a person has passed away, the representative of their estate, typically a family member, will have legal counsel from a probate attorney to help them through this complicated legal process. Even if the decedent hasn’t designated an attorney to help the representative of the estate, one can be employed after the fact.

It’s very important that the family and the representative of the estate have this legal counsel. As stated earlier, the probate process can be quite complicated. It’s also extremely involved, and having an attorney that understands the probate process is vital. These attorneys can handle things such as validating the estate. They can also work for the representative to contact and make financial remediation to any debtors and handle any tax obligations the estate has. This can be extremely helpful to a representative that may themselves be dealing with the grief of a lost loved one.

While probate law in Angola, Indiana can be arduous and complicated, the process can be significantly easier with the help of an attorney. If you’re planning your estate, and you want to name the attorney to help the estate representative ahead of time, this is a wise choice. However, if no legal representation has been predetermined, an estate representative may want to look to the attorneys at Yoder & Kraus for help in this difficult time.

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