Why to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Olympia, WA Immediately

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Personal Injury Lawyer

Waiting to file a personal injury lawsuit is never recommended. It becomes more difficult to locate the witnesses, memories of the incident fade and people lose track of their expenses related to the incident. There are also limitations on how long people can legally wait to file. People typically wait for two reasons. The most common reason is that they fail to realize the extent of their injuries. The second is because they believe the insurance company will agree to pay them what they deserve. Every personal injury lawyer in Olympia, WA prefers that their clients arrange a consultation immediately regardless of why they think they should wait.

Unexpected Injuries Discovered

Not every injury is apparent during the first 24 hours following an incident. Back pain, whiplash and other muscle injuries may not begin to hurt for a few days. Recovering may take longer than expected and additional damage can sometimes stay hidden until a doctor realizes that patient is not healing fast enough. These situations could mean additional medication, medical equipment and rehabilitation services. They also become more expensive due to additional doctor visits and lost work time.

Excessive Medical Costs

Healthy, active people do not always realize how expensive medical costs are and how little their insurance covers. Many medical insurance policies do not cover a long list of injury-related expenses. Common examples include the fees of long-term care facilities and certain medical devices. There are many other uncovered expenses. This includes transportation to doctor appointments, extra childcare costs and moving or converting a home to make it accessible for the injured person.

Uncooperative Insurance Companies

Every insurance company is a for-profit business that needs to make money, and they achieve this by paying out as little as possible. The duty of a personal injury lawyer in Olympia, WA is to force them into paying what they really owe when their client is the cause of an accident. Lawyers succeed more often at this because they know how the legal system works and how insurance companies operate.

Most personal injury lawsuits never go to court. Insurance companies usually prefer to settle in order to save themselves time and money. The process is faster for the victim too and it gives them the money they need to pay their bills and support their family. Visit us to arrange a consultation or to learn more about personal injury law.

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