Why an Upper Marlboro Bondsman Is So Beneficial for Criminal Defendants

by | May 3, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Bail services allow the pretrial release of people who cannot afford cash bail and would otherwise have to wait behind bars. The Upper Marlboro bondsman who lends the service promises to provide the court with full cash bail if a defendant who has paid for a surety bond does not appear in court as required. In return for the bond, the defendant must pay a percentage of the bail to the agency.

Relatively Minor Offenses

Even relatively minor offenses can be connected with bail amounts too high for people to pay if they struggle to meet their monthly expenses and have no savings. A person arrested for shoplifting, possessing a small amount of cocaine, or getting into a tavern fight may have to wait in jail until the case ends. With the assistance of an Upper Marlboro bondsman, pretrial release for many defendants is possible. FREE bond advice is available from this type of agency.

Advantages of Bail Bonds

Not all states allow bail bonding agencies. Those that do see the number of jail inmates reduced, preventing overcrowding that can happen with so many people locked up for relatively minor infractions. It’s important to remember that these individuals have been arrested and charged with a crime but have not been convicted. If the defendant is not considered a danger to society or a significant flight risk, release on bail is normally granted. The problem arises when so many defendants do not have the money for bail.

People who feel cynical about sympathy toward those who cannot pay bail might cite the old adage about not committing a crime without being willing to serve time. However, this does not take into account the fact that these individuals have not yet been convicted of the crime. They are doing time before conviction. If the case ends without a conviction, they are not compensated for those lost days and weeks behind bars.

Having to stay in jail until the case ends can be catastrophic for a defendant who loses a job and a home. Being able to seek help from an agency like 1st Class Bail Bonds is a huge relief.

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