Top Reasons To Hire A Texas Lemon Law Attorney

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Attorneys

Given the size of the state and the number of very large cities and metropolitan areas in the Lone Star State, it is perhaps not surprising that it has the third-highest number of new automobile purchases per year across the entire country. In 2018, there were 450,825 new vehicles sold in Texas, which is just a bit less than twice the number sold in New York state and half the number sold in California.

Not all of these vehicles are in perfect mechanical order when they are purchased. Lemons, or vehicles that are considered unfixable, can create stress, extra costs, and a lot of frustration for new car buyers. Working with a Texas Lemon Law attorney can help to address these issues.

Understanding the Law

While the Lemon Laws in the state are more expansive and encompassing than some of the other states, there are limitations on the vehicles that can be covered under the law. New cars, motorcycles, trucks, and most other types of motorized road vehicles are covered. Boats, titled and registered trailers and some used cars may also be covered.

Talking to a Texas Lemon Law attorney early in the process allows you to understand if your vehicle is covered by the law and what options you have going forward.

Knowing the Process

A Texas Lemon Law attorney takes the time to explain the process or the steps that have to occur before you can seek relief. There are things you have to do, such as allowing the manufacturer to have the time and the vehicle to attempt to correct the defect. These vary based on the type of defect and if the vehicle is considered to be a serious safety hazard due to the defect.

Having an attorney who is familiar with the Lemon Laws in the state is essential for your case. The vehicle manufacturers have teams of lawyers on their side, and you need legal representation as well.

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